Audio, Video and Web

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Off the Chest Studios have two separate recording spaces for artists of all backgrounds.

Studio B is an economic workhorse of a room, with all the essentials for getting your music laid down, but with a discounted rate that allows for longer or more frequent sessions. Ideal for demos and rough takes, this room stays booked consistently, so call ahead to reserve some time!

Studio A is our Presidential room, featuring the latest gear, a professional live room for bands, and plenty of space to collaborate with other artists, producers, and engineers.

Both studios are completely soundproof, fitted with professional grade equipment, and ready to become your personal home base as you bring your project to life!


All artists know that to truly portray the vibes and meaning behind their music, a strong visual component is absolutely necessary. That is why at Off the Chest Studios, we offer a Green Screen Video Shoot area, in addition to our legendary "Live Room Video Showcases". Whether you want to take your fans on a fantasy ride into another world, or if you want to connect with them through an intimate live performance, our Video Professionals are equipped to put the lights and cameras right on all of your action!


Off the Chest Studios aims to bring all of our clients visibility, and to that extent, we offer on-premises website consultations and development packages. Everything from your music, social media, and events put under one digital umbrella, accessible instantly to fans both old and new. In today's technologically forward society, establishing your online presence is equally important, if not more important, than the traditional means of in-person networking. While we can't substitute for your hard work at shows, we can ensure your performances are captured and posted, giving people around the world a glimpse at the next big thing!