About Us

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About Us

OTC Mission Statement

To provide independent artists with the most current technologies and strategies needed when pursuing a career in the field of Entertainment.  We combine these technologies with experienced on-site artists, producers, and engineers consulting on a wide variety of projects, ranging from audio engineering to photo and video production, and website development/online brand representation.  Our aim is to offer all of these services at competitive industry rates, with a commitment to long term relationships with the ongoing development of our client’s career needs.  Let’s build.

Sean Powers (President/Producer/Writer)

Sean spent his 20s waiting to be discovered slinging cocktails and running bars and restaurants in Manhattan and Long Island. Once he turned 30, however, he decided he was done waiting. He immediately began a torrid entry into the world of entertainment, performing Stand Up Comedy, recording his debut Hip Hop Album, writing a monthly column in a national Men’s Lifestyle Magazine, and breaking ground on Off the Chest Studios. As the creator of the studio’s name and identity, Sean directly correlates getting creative impulses Off the Chest with saving his life. This urgency is evidenced by his laser beam focus, putting every ounce of passion into each creative endeavor. His steadily growing list of collaborations across a spectrum of genres is a direct result of a seemingly endless reservoir of creative energy. This aggressive approach to making things happen combined with his business savvy from years in the service industry have positioned Sean as a highly regarded consultant and advocate, as well as a very formidable producer and curator of sights and sounds. The road may be bumpy, but that does not intimidate Mr. Powers one bit. A further explanation of his company’s mission statement is found in the acronym Sean created-
C.ome H.ard E.very S.ingle T.ime [CHEST]

Matt Fallon (Web Dev, IT, Backup Solutions)

Hi, I’m Matt. It’s nice to meet you. I’m from Long Island and ever since I was young I’ve been interested in electronics, in general, and also playing video games. As a kid I was fascinated with VCR’s, stereos, and everything else that I could find that had buttons, knobs and/or lights on it. I had a beeper as a kid just to play with it. After I finished high school I started building computers while I went to college. I started following the cell phone market just because I thought it was interesting. My college career was a bit erratic. I diversified a little. I started with computer science, switched to Liberal Arts, then Culinary Arts, and then Information Technology. What this basically means is that in college I learned the principles of coding (some Java, html/css, JavaScript) and then I learned philosophy and cooking. I have always worked hard at whatever it is I was doing and this translated into me going in a couple directions in college. Eventually I settled primarily on computer networking and web design. I used my experience to get a job at a television broadcast facility working closely with on air computer network automation systems. I have a couple years of experience working with audio/video, broadcasting media, and social media. I manage our very #Chesty online presence and I keep the Internet flowing in the studios. If you have a website that you are currently unhappy with for any reason then I would like to help. Send a contact form, call, or come in to get in touch and start building something great. Thanks!